Gujarat Govt Announces Digital Seva Setu Programme For Rural Areas

Services including ration card related services, such as caste certificate, senior citizen certificate, minority certificate, widow certificate will now be available only from the service center / gram panchayat office of the gram panchayat.

The power to affidavit for various services will now be given to the notary-taluka magistrate as well as the talati minister of the gram panchayat. Gujarat's huge optical fiber network will revolutionize the provision of digital government services in rural areas.

The development of villages is really development. Then a commendable step has been taken by the Gujarat government. 7692 gram panchayats of 23 districts are covered.
  • Starting today, digital services will be available in villages
  • Services like Ration Card, Criminal Certificate, Affidavit will be available
  • A total of 22 services will be available in the villages
The biggest news for people living in rural areas has come across. The state government will launch the digital service bridge program today. cm Rupani has inaugurated this service.

The fee for getting the certificate will be Rs.20
From now on, you don't have to go to the offices for the required documents. An online service for documents will be launched. People will get service at Gram Panchayat level. Services like Ration Card, Criminal Certificate, Affidavit will be available. Adding a name to the ration card, you will get a name removal service. Income sample can be obtained from Gram Panchayat. The fee for getting the certificate will be Rs.20

Covered 7692 gram panchayats of 23 districts
No need to go to the notary for affidavit.  A total of 22 services will be available in the villages. From today, 22 services will be available in 2 thousand panchayats. By December 2020, 8,000 villages will be covered. The state has 32,961  Kilometer of underground optical fiber network ready. 7692 gram panchayats of 23 districts are covered.

The digital service bridge includes 20 services
  • Adding a name to the ration card
  • Deletion of name from ration card
  • Changing the name in the ration card
  • Getting a new ration card
  • Issuance of duplicate ration card
  • Separation of name from ration card
  • Duplicate Ration Card
  • Example of widow assistance
  • Certificate of temporary residence
  • Example of income
  • Example of unnamed caste
  • Senior Citizen Certificate
  • Certificate of Linguistic Minority
  • Certificate of Religious Minority
  • Certificate of free-roaming caste
  • CM Agricultural Assistance
  • Affidavit regarding widow assistance
  • Affidavit regarding ration card
  • Affidavit regarding caste certificate
  • Affidavit regarding renaming.

At the village level, Seva Setu was started in the Panchayat itself
➢The Chief Minister launched the 'Seva Setu' program in 2016 with a historic decision to provide planned benefits to the people on the basis of transparency, decisiveness, sensitivity and progressiveness of the four pillars of good governance with a people-oriented approach and the common man at the center.

One day governance in the country in Gujarat
More than 12,800 such service bridge phases have been organized across the state & home services have been provided to 2 crore people under the direction of the Chief Minister. The Gujarat experiment of this One Day Governance is becoming an excellent & exemplary example in the public interest service project across the country.

Pair of gram panchayats with fiber network in the state
He also initiated a new initiative of digital transformation by the state science & technology department by connecting gram panchayats with fiber network & launching a new approach of digital service bridge under Bharat Net project. The system has evolved. Gujarat has developed this system in the whole country & India has been leading in the country in Net Phase-2.

Internet facility of 100 MBPS speed to 7692 gram panchayats
Connections will be provided through optical fiber network to make 100 MBPS high speed internet easily available in the villages of the state. So far 7692 gram panchayats of 23 districts have been covered by 32961 kilometer  underground optical fiber network. Not only that, every gram panchayat is connected to the state data center. The Chief Minister has adopted the innovative concept of making the village a mini secretariat in this digital service bridge.

E-Sign will allow people to keep certificates in their mobile phones
Vijay Rupani also took the approach of approving services through e-sign instead of physical sign in future so that even the common man of the village can get the certificate of services he needs at any time, anywhere or anywhere in his mobile phone. Is. As a result, once the services are approved, they will be available directly in the person's Digi Locker. By integrating these entire services with other departments in the future, DG Locker can be made a more capable platform under this digital service bridge.


⧪ People will be able to get the facility at home without going to the government office
As a result, Rupani mantra of minimum government & maximum governance will be further strengthened & human interfaces in government offices will be reduced & 100 per cent face lash & paper lash working system will be implemented in Gujarat by providing home facility service without going to the office. The Chief Minister's technology based public welfare project Digital Service Bridge will pave the way for more than 18,000 villages in the state to become a Global Village along with a Modern Village.


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