From Today, Customers Across The Country Will Be Able To Book Gas Cylinders At The Same Number, 24 * 7 Facility

Public sector company Inden has made it easy for its customers to book gas cylinders from anywhere in the country. The country's oil marketing company has announced a new number. Gas booking has to be done on this number. If the old number does not work now you need to delete it from the phone and save this new number. The company has also sent customers a new gas booking number on a registered mobile number.
  • This is the new number for gas booking
  • Inden company announces new number
  • Gas cylinders can now be booked from the same number across the country
  • This is the new number for gas booking
Inden Gas customers across the country will now have to call or SMS to 7718955555 to book LPG cylinders. This number from Indian Oil Company will be used by Indian customers across the country for booking using IVR or SMS. Indian Oil said earlier there were different numbers for different areas of the country for cooking gas. Now the country’s largest petroleum company has declared No. 1 for every customer.

Customers will now have to book the cylinder via SMS or phone
For cylinder booking one has to use the company from his registered mobile number and the number given by him. The company said a separate phone number for each telecom circle for booking of Indian refills has been discontinued from October 31 and a new number has been announced from November 1. Now you can also check if you got a subsidy using this number.


OTP delivery system implemented
Companies have implemented OTP system in the new cylinder system to prevent theft of cylinders and to identify the right customer. In this system, when the delivery boy arrives at your house, you have to give him OTP. Companies have implemented this system since November 1 and it is mandatory. The new system is named Delivery Authentication Code. This code must be shown to the delivery boy. Without it you will not get a cylinder.


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