The case has come up against the start of school from November 23 in the state. Corona's case is growing as schools are being demanded to be closed. Demands are rising again for not starting school. Corona cases have increased across the state during Diwali.
  • The case of starting a school in the state
  • Corona's case demands school closure
  • Demand to keep school closed for one more month

The government has given permission to start school colleges from November 23, but the letter has gone viral. The letter has gone viral, angering parents. Parents say the government and the school principal have taken all the responsibility on their hands. It is not reasonable to say no and who is responsible if the children are infected with corona and if the government does not come up with a solution then we will not send the children to school.

Circular regarding resumption of schools after Diwali vacation

After the Diwali vacation, now the state government has given permission to start school colleges from November 23 and there is still controversy over you. The government and the principals want to start school colleges but the parents are worried about the current situation and their children. The school is unwilling to send a letter of consent to the parents in this regard. As soon as the consent letter went viral, the parents' concern increased and the parents said that it is not reasonable for both the government and the administrators to shift all the responsibilities.

A form of consent form given by the guardian

The letter, which went viral on social media this morning, said that parents who send their children to school or college send it out of their own responsibility. The government or school administrators are not responsible. This type of letter went viral. Although the school principals say that we are also responsible for the health of the students, but some parents have been harassing the school principals without any reason, so it has been decided to take this kind of consent.


Demands arose that the school be closed for another month
Parents say that if the school starts, what will happen to the students? The Parents Association and the doctors have expressed their views on this. If this is the case in 5 days, what will happen when school starts? Demands are rising for the school to be closed for another month.

In the festive season of Diwali, Ahmedabadis who are back in the markets of Ahmedabad have to be ready to suffer the consequences. This is because amidst the Corona epidemic, the hectic crowds of markets have given Corona an open field, the recipe for which was seen from the night of Kalichaudras. Following the explosive situation, Health Minister Nitin Patel also rushed to the Civil Hospital on November 16 and held a meeting to review the situation.

At one time the number of corona patients in the civil hospital was declining, but now after the Diwali festival the number of patients in the civil hospital has increased by more than 50 per cent, which has also increased the number of patients staying on oxygen than normal patients at present. On New Year's Day alone, 140 new Corona patients have been admitted to the Civil Hospital. Of the 625 patients currently being treated in civil, 475 are on oxygen.


Notably, with the onset of winter and the festive season frozen, special care has been taken to avoid corona virus. However, ignoring all these warnings, Gujaratis have gone for a walk. The transition is on the rise in cities like Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara as the Diwali festival season is frozen and people in metros have been seen violating the rules of corona.


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